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Linde supplies complete and optimum answers for every materials handling requirement: forklift trucks driven by combustion engine or electric motor, sideloaders or container handlers, order pickers, tractors, high-level stackers and reach trucks.

These industrial trucks are treated by Linde not as tools but as mobile workplaces and they are designed accordingly - they are ergonomic and functional. Easy operation of the trucks makes them highly economical. The driver can concentrate entirely on the job of lifting and moving loads and so do it with greater speed, safety and efficiency while avoiding unnecessary physical strain. Economy also results from the truck's low operating costs. Modern electronics or advanced hydraulic controls measure out the power needed and thereby keep energy consumption down.

Environmental friendliness is no catchphrase with Linde trucks. Their exhaust and noise emission levels fulfill standards that are still in the making. And over 90 percent of the materials that go into their co nstruction can be recycled to the raw materials chain.

As versatile as the working capabilities of the standard versions are, they can be upgraded for customized handling tasks by a variety of attachments and accessories.